Matt Lauer & Today Show stand by their Kanye West interview

12 Nov
President George W. Bush with Matt Lauer in his first interview since leaving office

Monday night President George W. Bush sat down for his first interview since leaving the White House almost two years ago, with Today’s Show Matt Lauer about his upcoming memoir, Decision Points; what it’s about and everything he wants people to know.

The hour-long interview touched on a range of issues, from 9/11, the War in Iraq and Afghanistan, Hurricane Katrina, to his decision to quit drinking and his relationship with former Vice President Dick Cheney.
In one segment of the interview, Lauer brought up the telethon NBC hosted asking help for the victims of Katrina and Kanye West’s comment on that evening. Bush called that moment the “worst moment of his presidency.”  
Tuesday West was on the Today Show with Lauer in an interview about that occurrence and other things.
Below I have three videos up. The first is an excerpt from the interview with Lauer & Bush about West’s comment.
The next video is the Lauer & West interview from Tuesday morning, but with Lauer making a few comments about what happened in this morning’s episode of the Today Show (11/11).
And finally, this last video is from Bush’s interview with Lauer on the Today Show on Wednesday morning accepting West’s apology.
After watching all of this, what are your feelings about what occurred this week? Leave feedback and comments below!

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