27 Oct

Of course I have to do my weekly blog spotlight. I highlight the blogs I admire and read on a daily basis.

This week, it’s my bro’s of Definitely check it out. This was definitely like one of the first blogs I started reading some years ago.

GRMNTS™ was started in 2008 as a way to express their culture and its movement through clothing, music, and art.  They strive for innovation, creativity, and consistency. The term garments encompasses everything that is worn, so  GRMNTS™’s goal is simple; to express themselves through all aspects of fashion and create garments for people, and almost all perspectives of fashion by their own means.” – NP We just do what we like if you like to dislike us I’d like to thank you for sponsoring.

Follow this studious, fashionable and successful man on twitter. @hguoD


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