Ms. Hampton University 2010-2011

13 Oct

Newly crowned Ms. Hampton, Desiree Williams will now be accompanied by her royal court

With tears of happiness and joy, Ms. Hampton University 2009-2010 Nikole Churchill, released her crown and title to a new young lady.

Last Friday Hampton University crowned the new Ms. Hampton University. Senior, Health and Physical Education major, from Peachtree, Georgia Desiree Williams will now represent Hampton University at different functions, execute her platform and be the face of HU along with newly crowned Mr. Pirate, Leighton Roye.

Williams won the pageant based on her point score tallied together from 6 different components: an interview, swimsuit, talent, evening gown and question and answer segment.  

Sophomore, Nursing major from Baltimore, Maryland Delonda Woody said that Williams most definitely was on point the entire show.

“I think it was an awesome show and a proper outcome,” Woody said. “Desiree was definitely consistent in every component and she was the best.”

A major component of the show was the talent portion. Williams’ talent was piano playing, as she played for the audience Mozart Concerto No. 1 in F Major.

Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies major from Newport News, Virginia Kimbalee Clemmons was amazed be Williams’ performance.

“She picked an incredible song to play for her talent,” Clemmons said. “I feel like that song fit her overall style and charisma in every way.”

There was a total of 12 female contestants. 4th runner-up won $250, 3rd runner-up $500, 2nd runner-up $750, 1st runner-up $1000 and first place winner won $1500.

All 12 contestants hold hands awaiting the judges final decision

Ms. HU’s coronation will be November 3rd at 7 p.m. in Ogden Hall.


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