Mine Rescue Underway

13 Oct

AP – Rescue workers and officials test the rescue capsule that will be used to extract the 33 trapped miners …

This is an update on the mine rescue over in Chile by Associated Press Writer, Michael Warren. Go to CNN, CNN.com or yahoo.com to stay updated.

SAN JOSE MINE, Chile – A rescue worker is finally going down to the 33 trapped miners after good luck wishes from Chile’s president.

Manuel Gonzalez, a mining rescue expert with Chile’s state copper company Codelco, is the first one down the shaft. Other rescuers will join him to help prepare 33 trapped miners for their journey to safety after 69 days trapped a half-mile underground.

President Sebastian Pinera wished him good luck and urged him to bring the miners up in good shape.

Then they closed him inside the capsule and Pinera grinned and made the sign of the cross as the capsule disappeared below.

Rescue workers, the president and his ministers then sang the national anthem and chanted “Chi Chi Chi, Le Le Le”, while horns honked and people cheered in the tent camp below. In the tent of the Avalos family, relatives of the first miner to be pulled out, Florencio Avalos, prayed.

The first rescuer went down about 10:15 and touched ground at about 10:30. It is about 11:08 now and Avalos is being pulled up. CNN will have live coverage all evening into the morning. I will give a complete update and report by tomorrow morning as well.


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