Light the Night

11 Oct

Saturday evening Oyster Point and City Center hosted the annual “Light the Night” walk.

This was the second event of the day that the community and Hampton University participated in.

Light the Night is when communities all across the United States and Canada, teams of families, friends, co-workers and local and national corporations come together to raise funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS’s) Light The Night Walk events and bring help and hope to people battling blood cancers (

Light The Night Walk events are evenings filled with inspiration. During this leisurely walk, walkers carry illuminated balloons – white for survivors, red for supporters and gold in memory of loved ones lost to cancer – thousands of walkers – men, women and children – form a community of caring, bringing light to the dark world of cancer (

Sophomore, Marketing Major from Chicago, Illinois Dashaunda Jenkins said that this was an event that sparked inspiration to all.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Light the Night walk because I know I was walking for a cause,” Jenkins said.

“It made me feel good knowing that I was able to do this for those who were not able to. I am glad I was given the opportunity to be involved in such a powerful movement.”

Walkers from the community were able to walk around the beautiful City Center located in Newport News. The walk lasted about 20 minutes and afterwards walkers enjoyed music and refreshments.

If you are interested in Light the Night Walk and want to find out more, please visit


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